Beating heart! Family Stuff  
Here's the fandamily. The top row are my brothers with my parents in the center. The remaining ladies are introduced species.

TOP : Dan, Dave, Me, Dad, Mike, Bob
BOTTOM : Chantelle, Michele, Mom, Reid, Tammy, and Rachelle.
The whole family...

This has become a kind of catch-all for pictures family, friends, and the occasional related tidbit. There's come to be too many pictures here to put on a single page. These pages and pictures are in no particular order and contain Christmas, wedding, baby, and miscellaneous pictures.
Page 01 Me, Desi, Bob's wedding, the farm
Page 02 Dave & Michele & Katja, Xmas '97
Page 03 Dan & Chantelle, Desi, Andrew Rubel, Mike & Tammy
Page 04 Dave & Michele's place, Katie, Bryce, New Year's '98
Page 05 Bryce, Katja, Pierro & Melinda
Page 06 Dan's wedding
Page 07 Dave/Al/Dan as kids, The Holmgren clan, Dave & Michele, Josh
Page 08 New York pictures
Page 09 John Komlanc's wedding
Page 10 Reid, Katja, Pierro, Melinda, Jenny, Joe & Laura & Hanna
Page 11 Dan and me, Pierro and Melinda, Sandra
Page 12 Central Park jam shots, spring '99
Page 13 Ed's wedding
Page 14 Xmas '98, Garner & Beth, Lisa & Pat, Al/Al/Lisa
Page 15 A couple farm pictures and some misc. NYC pics
Page 16 Dave and Michele's new acquisitions!
Page 17 A farm fly-over! And some family Xmas pics and a friend or two.
Page 18 Mitch, Puerto Rican day parade, Presidential motorcade, Jeff & Tara
Page 19 Views from my new place!
Page 20 Carmen & Tina, the farm '99, Loretta, M&D's wedding pic
Page 21 Mike and Tammy's wedding
Page 22 Music, Cheshire projects, and Halloween
Page 23 Pictures of Dave & Michelle's brood
Page 24 Some late 1999 and early 2000 pictures, including Scott, Reid, and Kirstie!
Page 25 Dogsledding in Banff, 2000
Page 26 Skiing in Banff, 2000