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After years of scrambling to achieve a number of personal goals I finally took a year (and a bit) off to be a proper bum. Yup... I've been intentionally unemployed as a part of a planned year of recovery and preparation for next ventures.

Of course, rather than doing a thousand planned things, I think I've mostly spent it sleeping, napping, and occasionally interrupting that with a good lie-down. Here and there I've managed to get up for some music or enough travel to learn that there is nowhere like New York City.

However, I'm back into contracting now that it's 2005 and the world seems to want productive citizens. New ventures are also in progress so I'm hoping the year turns out to be both fun and profitable.

As always, I've managed to capture my musical experiences on the web. You can check this out at:

Outside of this, just keeping my head down and my nose to the grindstone. Note: I've learned from this that a rhinoplasty is best done by a plastic surgeon and not a grindstone.

Thanks for stoppin' by!

Date Note
2007-12-28 Added some pictures from Meiko's Christmas photo session. Yup... pretty much true that there's nothing else on my site other than Meiko pictures!
2007-09-09 Added more pictures, particularly a few from today's photo shoot of Meiko at six months old.
2007-07-08 Posted a whack of new pictures (mostly of Meiko). Otherwise, mostly just trying to put one foot in front of the other so there's not much of note to report.
2007-05-28 Added some new pictures of Meiko, Grandma & Grandpa's visit, and a trip to South Padre Island.
2007-04-21 Added a few pictures of Meiko.
2006-12-27 Added an ultrasound video of Meiko and Meichihko.
2006-09-07 Added some recent pictures.
2006-07-10 Posted some new pics from a recent jaunt to NYC.
2006-06-15 Posted some new pictures from the last little while. Austin, NYC, music, and just hanging out... a bunch 'o stuff.
2006-04-24 Posted a bunch of pictures from Dan and Chantelle's trip to Austin on their way to Cancun and the Mexican Riviera.
2006-04-24 Added some interesting pictures of "nude body painting" that someone sent to me.
2006-03-24 Added some pictures from the event we held in Austin March 10/11/12. A bunch of musical friends came in from Toronto and Manhattan to lend a musical hand. It was a great weekend! Check out or for more info and eventually some video clips.
2005-12-18 Well, by and large it's been a surprisingly shitty year. Still, here and there were some brights spots. Music in NYC, Lindy Hop dancing in several places, and Balboa dancing in San Diego.

Short of that, if the New Year's baby doesn't come quick to take out the ancient end-of-year old crone, I'll shoot the bastard myself.

There are a couple of new pictures posted in the 2005 section of my picture area, so take a look if you are so inclined.
2005-11-04 It's been a while. I've been on the road. However, I finally had a chance to catch up on some picture processing and posting. Check out some pictures from my time in L.A., at home in western Canada, and near a work site in Cobourg Ontario. More coming...
2005-06-11 Did a bit of a motorcycle ride east of Austin on a crazily sunny day. Erik Van Buren popped in from L.A. to rent a bike and tour the area. Happened to hit town about 30 minutes after I closed the house deal.
2005-06-10 Bought a house today!

It's little thing... but after a lifetime of living in apartments (granted... nice apartments in Manhattan)... it was nice to finally have some space of my own.
2005-04-25 Yup. That's it. Everything I could recover from my terribly damaged films. Oh well. Forced me to buy a new digital camera (after destroying the old one accidentally last summer). Onwards and upwards and all that.
2005-04-19 Put up some new pictures. Spanning several months, these pictures have a slightly lower quality due to problems with the film lab. Three sets of negatives were nearly destroyed and I'm still waiting for the results of the recovery effort. Oh well.
2005-03-23 Added a blog capability. Mostly as a whiteboard to note ideas for various ToDo lists or projects I'm working on. Naturally, that's not publicized on the site. However, I've left a place for tiny bits of experience that might be worthy of sharing. Some of it may be from long ago and has been trapped in ancient emails. Others will be in the moment. You never know... someone may enjoy it.
2005-02-13 I finally completed the site, thus allowing me to move that content away from this site. You can try out the button that sends you to the new site.

In other news, I'm trying to recover some of the pictures from the last few months otherwise damaged by a film lab.

Also, I've taken up Lindy Hop Dancing of late. My first "Lindy Exchange" was in New Orleans. Despite being very sick and overly exhausted prior to arriving, I still had a great time. Great music, good people, and a lot of fun in a city I've always wanted to go to. Next time I hope to be there and be fully awake and healthy! One of my fellow attendees sent me a few pics and I've added a section for this on the site. Honestly, I don't know many of the people in the pictures... but it does give a sense of what the place and the event was like.
2004-09-26 Roooaaaar!

That would be the sound of a Harley revving up! After much planning and waiting and purchasing, I finally managed to embark on my "last hurrah" before getting back to the working world.

A friend and I went on a 3500 mile motorcycle adventure. The pictures are posted (starting on Page 28). It was a kick! The movie will be coming out soon (really).

Between rain, crosswinds, cops, high speeds, mountain passes, hairpin turns, near misses on the road, wild boar, deer, desert heat, mountain cold, a dangerous flat tire (!), and many surprises... I actually made it home alive. What a kick!

2004-09-03 Having just returned from a 20 day run through NYC and Toronto, I managed to scan and post a bunch of pictures. Take a look...
2004-08-17 Added some recent pictures from Austin and NYC. Since my digital camera is busy being a paperweight, I'm now having to use film and scanning once again. Argh.
2004-07-03 I now be a Texan.. I like Austin. The weather is nice. The people are decent. But it ain't no lie that people are much more sorta stupider here. And damn, if another person slows down to 40mph just before switching three (3!) lanes to make a turn, I'm going to become a proper Texan, buy a gun, and shoot one of these stupid fuckers!
2004-05-21 Posted some recent pictures. Music, NYC, Les Paul... just stuff.
2004-05-01 Holy Smokes! It looks like I'm leaving Manhattan!. Roughly around May 22nd I'm packin' up and headin' down to Austin. Someone finally leased my NYC apartment, freeing me to go. New ventures and a new environment to dig into. Eventually I'll be back... a proper New Yorker can't stay away too long. I think it'll be May through September in NYC for the rest of my life after this stint.
2004-03-16 I'm still in Nashville. Just posted some pictures from the tour a bunch of us took with Anthony Gomes and the band. Nasvhille, Memphis, Clarksville and back in 4 days. What a kick!
2004-01-30 Finally! Managed to post a few streaming video files from Christmas. It's something new on the site as I've not had time to do this before.
2004-01-20 Back in NYC! Now if only I can rent out my apartment, I'm off to Austin for the year!
2003-11-30 Posted some new pictures. Zipped through Austin... planning to buy a house and be a Texan very soon. Am now in Atlanta bugging my business partner and his wife.
2003-10-11 Well... for the zero (0) people who stop by, I'll be updating this silly site sometime. I'm back from Ireland.
2003-06-28 Posted some new pictures both to the personal pics area and to the humor area. Also properly scaled some of the pictures in Mike and Tammy's area.
2003-02-28 Having had my head down and nose to the grindstone for several months, I finally managed to post a couple of new pictures.

Actually, it's hard do anything other than grind your nose into the stone if your head is in fact "down". Hmmm... perhaps I'll try lifting it...

In any case... there's a few new pics here. Check 'em out.