Flapping bat!
Just a bit batty!

Originally from western Canada, I've lived and worked in Ottawa, Calgary, Regina, Toronto, Manhattan and now Austin. Actually I've worked in many more places, but there are too many to list.

I studied Electrical Engineering in a program called EISE, or Electronic Information Systems Engineering. Did well but didn't graduate. Still, I have ended up doing computer related or engineering related jobs ever since.

Until April/99 I travelled roughly three weeks out of four as a part of my job, that being a form of computer consulting. Then I decided to be a bum. With a friend and partner, I started a computer consulting firm. Eventually we managed to get up to several partners and company members. It's been both exciting and hard. But that's not new.

Ultimately, I want to produce an independent film, get some of my music on a radio somewhere, and maybe live in France or Italy for a while to learn and improve my language skills. Of course, playing a lot of music while doing all of this is important.

Whenever possible I like being involved in live music as either a performer or an appreciative fan. When the opportunity permits I will do anything interesting... hang gliding, skydiving, bungee jumping, stand-up comedy, paintball, and whatever else.