Links! Links
Link Description Erik's new personal page. I'm sure this will get bigger and fancier with time.
Atlantic Sound DJ Mike Prest's new DJ business site. Mike can run an evening of music using nothing more than his laptop, an amp and speakers, and a large supply of MP3 files.
Rob's Site Rob Kornegay's home site.
FilmDreams My impending film project. It is a long term hobby. It hasn't really begun in earnest yet... but it will. Kind of depends on my computing venture and its success.
ParkJammer This is the new web site dedicated to our summer jams in Central Park. It's got lots of related information: schedules, maps, lyric sheets, and eventually a lot more!
Allan's Company Site Some great people and I have put together a technology company that focuses on Oracle, supply chain, and the internet. If you own a billion dollar company and just happen to cruise musical jam sites, then call us and we'll talk. No really.
Kim's Non-Practicing Lesbian site Ok, get your minds out of the gutter. Maybe not completely out, but out. This does not mean Kim is gay. It is a site born of frustration with men. As in... "not liking men right now but also not wanting to be a lesbian". Check it out.