Sing! Jam Info 

All summer long I run an acoustic guitar and vocal jam in Central Park. For those who do not know what a "jam" is, it's an musical get together where one, some, or all those present can play or sing a song. If you know it... join! If you don't... sit back and listen.

We run through rock, motown, R&B, raggae, folk, country, jazz... anything anyone in the group knows!

The jam spot we usually occupy is about 30 yards southwest of the sailboat pond at 72nd and 5th on the east side of central park. You'll be able to recognize us because of... well... the instruments and singing and stuff. What did you expect, a sign? Naturally you could just look for all the groupies, but that should be obvious. There just aren't enough groupies these days. It's a sad thing. For the totally lost, here's a map. Print it out.

Our jams continue to be organized and represented via the site. It will be largely static for the next few months, but I do intend to post a lot of the pictures from the summer within the next month or so.

Map to musical treasure!