Dancing dot!   Interesting Experiences: Singing!

Fine, the picture needs a better scan. Still, the jam was good. That's me in the middle, Laura on the left, and Andy (from an an acappella group) on the right. We were doing "Stray Cat Strut"... cool tune, cool time.

Jam singin' in Toronto

While there are several places I've had the opportunity to sing at in New York, there's only one where the opportunity seems everpresent. The piano player is amazing and the crowd is great. Unfortunately the crowd is also REALLY weird. You'll have to come to NYC and experience the place to understand.

Piano bar singin' in NYC

OK, this was cool. Singing acapella on the streets of New York with a group called "Spank". Yeah, I know. At any rate, my musical friend Joni and I each got to sing. It was a great day!


... and Joni