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New Stuff!
Times, they are a-changin'. The sections of this site are now password protected. You will need to email me and ask for the login and the password in order to look at this site.

Hey Stranger!

Time flies. This wouldn't be so bad except for the constant "whoosh" sound that it makes. It's worse than the sirens at 3:00am here in Manhattan.

It's been a while since both of my constituent web site fans have been delighted with my wit and imagery. They've been on pins and needles. Not necessarily waiting for my site update... they just are a bit masochistic and like to sit on pins and needles.

The site is currently acting both as my personal site and as a family site. When I get to it, I'll split them up. No, I mean I'll split up the web pages, not the family. Think clearly will you?!?

There are some new pictures... and more than few old ones. Take a look around. And try not to break anything whilst you wander.